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Product Development for

Companies of all sizes

In product development, we support both small and large companies at any or all stages of the development process. Our team of generalists and specialists will meet your requirements either alongside you or on your behalf. We are here to help whenever your company ventures into new territory or when internal capacities are simply not enough. Let's work together to find out how we can support you.

Recipe Development

Do you need assistance in creating or finalizing your recipe? Do you need to optimize color, texture, or flavor? Feel free to send us a message, and we'll connect you with one of our product developers to discuss how we can support you.

Prototype Development

Our product development team specializes in making your ideas not only visible but also tangible and tasty. Dream big, and let’s create innovative, delicious products together that will conquer the market.

Ingredient Application

Do you have a brilliant idea or a novel ingredient and need support to turn it into an exciting product? Get our experts on board, benefit from our hands-on mentality, and focus on developing scalable food applications.

Find Contract Manufacturers

Ready to go and want to scale up but still need the right production partner? We have a vast network of contract manufacturers and would love to discuss your product's specific requirements. Afterward, we'll find the right partners for you and connect you with them.

Any questions?

Linda Ding

Product Development Manager

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