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We develop future-proof solutions for companies of all size and implement them. Together, we are shaping the future of food.

Our Services

KitchenTown helps established food companies to make innovation processes more flexible. Our Open Innovation partnerships increase visibility in the ecosystem and create opportunities to partner with startups.

Open Innovation

In Berlin, we operate our own innovation space, which is home to many startups, a venue for events as well as a key hub for our development projects.

Innovation Space
in Berlin

With us, the future of food starts today.

The food industry is undergoing its greatest transformation in decades. The problem? For many companies, the transition happens slowly and real innovations are lacking. Even startups with great ideas often progress only in small steps. As a full-service innovation partner, KitchenTown helps bring the future of food to life.

We develop solutions and products for a good future of food, which accelerates companies of all sizes. Together, we tackle new challenges, identify potentials, and develop successful solutions for relevant customer problems. Our project starting point can vary: We identify emerging trends, explore new technologies, condense data and insights or ask the target audience directly. Thanks to our technological capabilities, we can support development processes from validated concepts and pilot series to industrial implementation.

Do you want your company to be part of the food system of tomorrow? We’d be happy to schedule a consultation with you and propose a collaboration plan.

The food of tomorrow. Developed today.


R&D Expertise

When it comes to implementing a product industrially, the devil is often in the details. We know all too well the tensions between enthusiastic idea creators and R&D on the other side. In our projects, we moderate this process, ensuring realistic timelines and collective progress.

Speed over

Our industry still measures development cycles in years instead of weeks. By maintaining a consistent customer focus, using agile methods, and embracing a true startup mentality, we can leave this kind of thinking behind. Our approach allows us to mitigate many risks in the innovation process.

Innovation means joy and fun

At no stage in history innovation had such potential to completely transform our lives. We see this as a huge opportunity rather than a threat. With our spirit, we inspire your company and make you pioneer of transformative change.

Open approach and collaboration

Ever saved the world on your own? Our future challenges are so complex that we can only solve them through collaboration. We proactively manage our network and increasingly facilitate collaboration on specific projects.



For us, AI is not just a buzzword. We actively and meaningfully integrate it into human interaction within the innovation process. Ever tested a product concept through an AI persona? Let's go.

How we work

Our clients and partners


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