Community is key.
Especially when you find yourself in an agile and vibrant start-up surrounding, exchanging with likeminded, sharing ideas and challenges is crucial. When COVID-19 kicked in, all the well-known networking activities, were challenged to the maximum. In times where almost everything happens online, keeping in touch with all existing KitchenTowner’s is a challenge, to be honest. And how can you integrate new community members in a running system without the tools used prior pandemic?

1. You know your people best – connect them actively with one another.

Become a matchmaker: Who’s story could help X? Could Y and Z have synergies?

2. Call when you could also send a text message.

Personal contact outweighs written messages. Always. End of story.

3. Set up a community get-together.

Wine tasting, quiz night, outside sport sessions, picnic in park.

KitchenTown_Community Picknick
KitchenTown_Females in Food

4. Set up virtual gatherings apart from daily business topics.

Round table food scientists, Wom*n in Food, Virtual Coffee Break, Remote Networking, Virtual Facility Tour.

5. Ask them! You cannot know it all.

Connect pro-active even without a reason, start a survey.

KitchenTown_Katharina Angerer

And what is your secret recipe? I am curious to learn about your hacks in the time of social distancing and one video conference after another. 
Share it with me in the comments.

Best wishes and stay connected,